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Yoga in Okinawa

To live in Okinawa,
to do yoga.

It's hot, it's cold,

wind blows, rain pours,

many sounds, quiet.

In the colorful days,

why not include yoga in your life and refresh yourself?

The subtropical islands of Okinawa have unique cultures---mixture of

indigenous, Japanese, Chinese, American, and many others, which have spiritual base

on nonviolence and to live in harmony, resonating with yoga teachings.

Why not give yourself the time to loosen up and relax

your body and mind, and nurture your well-being?

This site offers information about a yoga studio, yoga 15, yoga-ichigo,

located in Ojana, Ginowan City, Okinawa, Japan.

English assistance is available by Mayumi Sunagawa at yoga 15, yoga-ichigo.

In Japanese version of this site also includes information about Mayumi's teacher's

yoga school, Uchina Kenko Hiroba.


yoga 15, yoga-ichigo 

Moms & Babies Class is held on

Thursday, 9:15-10:15

since June 2017 

Ojana, Ginowan City, Okinawa

hatha yoga lessons are available for
adults, prenatal, moms & babies, and kids.

Contact for more informations.



Uchina Kenko Hiroba 全国のヨガ&ピラティス教室検索はYOGA ROOM(ヨガルーム)
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